Brave Little Hearts Their Sports Teachers are National Players. They have been training their students very well. Sona Sarovar Trust registered the schools for inter-school competitions and provided basic amenities to Schools and Shoes for the participants as they were not allowed to participate without shoes. This was the First Time these Tribal Students participated in inter-school competitions and reached the State Level. God Alone knows how many talents are being wasted due to poverty. Looking at the achievement of players, more students have joined sports. Since they are not allowed to play in chappals 200 brave little hearts are ready to play bare feet. They run barefoot risking injuries to their feet. Please come forward to buy them a pair of shoes costing around Rs 500 and give them a chance to rise in life. Please contribute as much as possible Paytm: Sona Kumar 9820195874 Gpay, phone pay: Hemlata Pant 8286322969


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