Father's Day

A Tribute to my Father.
One Man Batallion : Late Mr Choithram J Bijlani

Once my father was deputed to a village where dacoits used to trouble them for the booty.

In order to solve the matter, my dad asked for the help of the battalion, to which the British Govt agreed.

Dacoits sent messages to keep the booty at a specific place on a day.

Dad informed the department who agreed to send a horse-mounted battalion a day earlier.

An insider informed the dacoits about it.

2 days before the agreed date a man came running and informed my dad that dacoits are on their way.

The battalion was to arrive the next day.

My dad hastily mounted the horse and rode towards their den.

Dacoits heard the sound of running hoofs and thought that battalion had arrived and turned back to their den.

My dad returned back.
Villagers were too scared to come out. When they saw only our father, all came out to find the truth.
The next day when the battalion came, instead of seeing scared villagers they found them in a festive mood. The matter was reported to their headquarters.
He was appreciated and was given a Certificate of Gallantry, which hung from the roof to floor in our house which is in Pakistan now.
Till my Mom narrated this incident, I used to think that such acts can only happen on screen. I am proud to call myself the daughter of a Brave Man who Risked his Life to save Lives and Hard-Earned Products of the Villagers


  1. Extraordinary intellect and courage of Bijlani Sir. What a lovely hat he is donning in this photograph of olden times in India.


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