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A Miraculous Free Medical Therapy At the age of 50 I was a miserable soul. My knees hurt so much that I couldn’t walk even a few steps at home. One fine day I got a call from Dr Satish Vasa. He enquired whether I would like to start a new treatment for my knees. I told him that I trust him with my life. He told me to start with urine therapy. He gave me a few instructions. I kept my toothbrush ready, and drank a whole cup of urine. Within a few days my knee pain disappeared. Within a few weeks, the swelling of the joints reduced considerably with the result that my ring would fall off while sleeping. . I have many fat glands (Lipoma) on my arms. I realised that their size also reduced considerably. I had a ganglion cyst in my right wrist. It used to hurt so badly that I would start crying while cooking food. I realised that it stopped hurting. I used to get big boils on my hips called Hidradenitis Suppurativa one after the other, which used to hurt a lot and bleed heavily aft