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Sons Are Rising

You must have read news about 2 Saroj brothers, Deepak and Raju Saroj who topped their IIT exams but were being ill-treated for their fame in Uttar Pradesh. Thank God, Deepak Saroj lives in Mumbai where caste discrimination is not prevalent. However, they have different issues to tackle. 5 of their family members live in a slum, in a room of 8' X 8' inclusive of a kitchen & shower room. They use public toilets. Since their father is a bhel vendor, their house is littered with all the material on the ground, where cutting of onions, chillies, coriander, along with the preparation of the chutneys used in making the bhel continues. At night, their father comes home drunk, showers abuses on family members, and puts on TV with loud music. Naturally, neither can the children study nor can the family sleep. The only possible place where the children can study is school, where again they can't stay over. Their only solace is our tuition class that they attend