A Miraculous Free Medical Therapy
At the age of 50 I was a miserable soul. My knees hurt so much that I couldn’t walk even a few steps at home. One fine day I got a call from Dr Satish Vasa. He enquired whether I would like to start a new treatment for my knees. I told him that I trust him with my life. He told me to start with urine therapy. He gave me a few instructions. I kept my toothbrush ready, and drank a whole cup of urine. Within a few days my knee pain disappeared. Within a few weeks, the swelling of the joints reduced considerably with the result that my ring would fall off while sleeping. . I have many fat glands (Lipoma) on my arms. I realised that their size also reduced considerably. I had a ganglion cyst in my right wrist. It used to hurt so badly that I would start crying while cooking food. I realised that it stopped hurting. I used to get big boils on my hips called Hidradenitis Suppurativa one after the other, which used to hurt a lot and bleed heavily after it would burst. I stuck toilet paper, dipped in my own urine. Within 2 days it dried and turned black. After that I did not get boil at all. I had Spider Varicose Veins which had reached my ankles. Within a few months, it reduced to 10%. I have not faced any side effects till date. I was approached by a Dermatologist for skin tightening. After listening to her brief for the treatment, I enquired about my age. After examining my skin through her instruments, she declared my age as 50 years. I started smiling. I told her that she had given me grace of 20 years at 70 years. She couldn't believe it. She thought I was trying to avoid the treatment. I showed her my I D as age proof. In Oct 2016 we visited Cyprus. We went sightseeing at various places. We visited Kolossi Castle, We had to buy tickets. I noticed they were offering a 10% discount to senior citizens. I asked for the discounted rate. Sales person thought I was lying about my age by taking advantage of my grey hair.. I had to show him my passport as age proof, which was 70 years at that time. He smiled and gave me a discount. My brother started putting drops in his eyes and his eyesight improved at 80 years. Dr. vasa also told me that the gentleman who came to spread the message, was himself witness to this miraculous treatment. His wife was diagnosed with last stage cancer and Doctors told them that there was no medical treatment which could extend her life beyond couple of months. After hearing about it one of his friend visited him and suggested Urine Therapy. He said 7 years have passed since and his wife was still alive and there was no trace of cancer in her body. He also said that in case the person concerned could not follow the diet restrictions, he/she could be given the urine of person who was following diet restrictions. I started trying and found wonderful results. Our vegetable vendors had 2 bubbly children, who would keep on playing while near the stall. Once I saw his daughter sleeping. I enquired about her health. He said that she had fever, has started taking medicine prescribed by the Doctor. After few days I again saw her lying down. I enquired about her health and he told me that she had no fever but still doesn't get up. I started carrying my urine for her. After 2 days, she was missing from her usual bed. When I enquired about her he said that she had gone to play. I enquired whether she was prescribed any tonics by the Doctor. He said that she was given the tonics given by me. I was very happy. Once I met an old acquitance after few years. He told me that his wife was not well. Every month she used to bleed heavily with the result she had to be hospitalised. I sent my urine to her. After few days her husband informed me that bleeding had stopped. My children compelled me to disclose the ingredient of the tonics to him. When I told him about it he told me that he knew about it. His son and he practice urine therapy but his wife and daughter don't. Now his wife has also decided to start. From the age of 65 years, I have been getting tests done for Biological Age and believe me I have not reached 50 years so far. Our fourth Prime Minister used to advocate for Urine Therapy. How I wished we Indians should have followed him and today the majority of the health problems could have been avoided. There is no Scientific Research to prove its benefits as no company will benefit from the awareness of advantages of Urine Therapy as they will not benefit out of it. How I wish someone offered me a platform to spread awareness about this Miraculous Therapy Please help, if you can.


  1. Bhupendra Singh
    This is a remarkable true story of a remarkable journey of recovery from multi ailments through a single natural free of cost medication. This is immensely interesting.


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