Giving Back to Society Real life example of the wonderful concept of giving back Life is charming because people give back to society. It is more heartening to see when the person starts giving back at an early age. Such is the case of Mr Saurabh Mujmule. He is intelligent to understand the importance of education and worked hard to achieve the same. He worked as a security guard in a Mumbai suburb. The long stretched hours of working would have driven anyone bored and demotivated. While working there, he came across a philanthropist who runs an NGO by the name of Sona Sarovar Trust. The NGO works to support the underprivileged. Sona Sarovar Trust in collaboration with DEESHA charitable trust organised free online English speaking class for Mr Saurabh. DEESHA charitable trust is dedicated to working for education and quickly arranged excellent student volunteers for the cause. Today, Saurabh is employed as a salesperson in the corporate sector. The story does not end here. Mr Saurabh has the great quality of showing gratitude through action He has started teaching the underprivileged kids adopted by Sonasarovar and the classes are running in full swing. Is not the world beautiful when people reciprocate with good actions?


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