Success Of The Underprivileged Tribal Students of Mr Sagar Katare from*Government Secondary and Higher Secondary Ashram School, Thanapada School achieved great success in the Divisional Level Sports Competition....* Office of the Upper Commissioner under Tribal Development Department Nashik, Tribal Development Department Nashik organized the divisional sports competition at Maharashtra Police Academy Nashik from 1st February 2023 to 3rd February 2023 Government Secondary and Higher Secondary Ashram School Thanapada. Trambkeshwr. Dist. Following students were selected for the state level competition 1) U/14 Boys won Kho-Kho, Gold Medal 2) U/19 Boys won Gold Medal for Kho-Kho 3)U/17 Girls won Gold Medal at 4*400 Relay Race 4) U/19 Girls- won Gold Medal for 4*100 Relay Race 5) U/19 Boys won Silver Medal for 4*400 Relay Race In individual game type 1) Ms. Ajay Mahale U/19 Boy won Gold Medal for 3000m Race 2) U/19 Raveena Chaudhary Won Gold Medal for 1500m Race 3)U/19 Pallavi won Gold Medal for 200m Race 4) U/19 Rekha Shingade Won Silver Medal for 200m Race 5) U/19 Monali Galat won Silver Medal for Shot Put. Sona Sarovar Trust registered the school for inter school competition and provided basic amenities to School and Shoes for the participants as they were not allowed to participate without shoes. This was the First Time the students took part in inter school competition and they reached till State Level . God Alone Knows How Many Talents Are Being Wasted Due To Poverty.


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