Yoga - An Epitome Of Hope and Growth

It is said, "All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy", but when someone lives in such a locality where there is no open space for play, what is the child supposed to do?

About 40% of the population of Mumbai lives in slums.

Small houses, narrow lanes, open & blocked drainage, filth all over.

We run classes for slum children & we face this issue every day.

To keep them away from bad health and influences, we tackle malnourishment problems every day by giving them healthy food every day, but can't arrange for open space for the playground.

Most of them have stunted growth.

1 of our boys was rejected by the Army authorities due to limitations of his height. This stunted growth also causes inferiority complexes in them.

We discussed the matter & finally reached a solution that Yog is the only alternative available to us.

We have started once-a-week Yoga classes for our students & hope they keep good health & gain some height too.

This has certainly made them better in confidence and health.

Kudos to Yoga, this Yoga Day.


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