Heaps of Love and Encouragement

Often, many people feel arts and crafts are not required for the underprivileged. This is so wrong as all children are indeed the same and there is a lot of talent in that sector too as we have seen in all that we seek to do

Children are always enthusiastic and all they need is heaps of love and encouragement.

Once a nearby school approached us to enrol our children for the Inter-School Competition for Craft & Art. We enquired from our senior students whether they were interested.

All 14 agreed to participate. We were extremely excited as we did not want to force them.

Funds were an issue so we worked to make it happen. We bargained with the school being a charitable trust working for underprivileged children. They gave us a 50% discount. We went ahead and much to our delight, out of 14 children, 13 won many prizes.

Not just this, they recommended our name for an Etho at H K College for 5 performances.

4 Dances (1 solo & 3 group dances) & 1 Tabla on plastic chairs. This indeed was a great step forward and our children did their best here too. They practised and worked hard with whatever resources they had. Is it not known that the ones with lesser resources make the best use of what they have? This is exactly what took place.

Much to everyone’s surprise, they all got standing ovations, certificates & many prizes for they did indeed deserve this. This was wonderful. The authorities confessed that looking at their performances, they were compelled to give cash prizes too.

5 of our children were selected for a 2 days workshop in J J School of Arts, Mumbai & were given certificates by the Dean.

5 of Our Girls participated in a 20- 20 Dance Competition organised by the Dancer Saroj Khan & Terence Lewis  & reached the semi-finals.

Our children have been dancing in the prestigious Bhaidas Hall in Vile Parle West, Mumbai, India.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that some of our children get a chance to make their life by getting a decent income so that they move on to better & cleaner homes to live in


This is bound to happen as we know their grit and determination in all areas of life and are certain the universe is bound to take them further ahead for that is how life is designed.


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