Swimming Forward to Success


Very often, poor children, even if talented, often get left out due to a lack of finances, support or both. This is why we always ensure we reach out to them as it is not just studies but all interests that we wish to encourage. When this does indeed take place, we are always thrilled beyond imagination.


Now,  Bhakti Wadkar, daughter of a farm labourer, will be contesting for Swimming Championship at Khelo India from 8 June onwards. This is something she couldn't have imagined some time ago. She needed a swimsuit for Rs 27,300 for which we requested Mr Abhijit More, the father of her classmate to buy for her as time was too short for us to raise funds to buy this for her.


The remaining expenses are being covered by her College. Please come forward and help us repay Rs 27,300 for the swimsuit. Please contribute as much as you can. Please also spread the message in all your circles. For, every paisa counts.


We keep talking of supporting the underprivileged and hence need to take a step when it is required as this shall surely increase your karmic bank balance if nothing else.


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