Charity Indeed Begins at Home

We keep talking about charity but this has to begin in our homes too. This is what I wished to do in my own family.
My younger granddaughter Myra celebrated her 4th Birthday with slum children while she was in India.
During their next visit, both granddaughters, Aarya 10 years, & Myra 6 years, baked cake, buttered 100 buns, and roasted on Tawa for pav bhaji, which our maid cooked for the slum children's birthday.
They served food, got props, and gave gifts to them.
While in the USA they make greeting cards and raise funds by selling cards.
These are good values spread not through mega-events but through simple acts of reaching out. We request you to join us in our endeavour to spread the message of humanity and oneness. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see”


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