Little Pieces of Chocolates

 We often feel the underprivileged are waiting to be given goodies that they lap up but hardly ever share. This is completely false, in my experience and observation. I would like to share one such episode with them that made me feel joyous in realising the nature of humanity among the so-called underprivileged. Sometime back, my friend from the USA got me a box of chocolates. I counted the chocolates and realised I could only give them to half of the kids. I did not know what to do. Without thinking more, however, I carried the box to class and was very happy to see only senior kids in the class so started distributing the chocolates to them. Before I could finish junior kids joined too. This put me in a fix. I did not wish to seem partial to anyone. It is said when intents are pure, the universe does respond. That's exactly what happened to me that day. 

A girl nearby understood and immediately rose to the occasion. She came closer, held my hand and said “ Nani, don't worry, we will share." This made me feel wonderful. 

This incident reinforced my belief in what I was doing for them, though it was not a great deal. They were all very happy with these little pieces of chocolate. Truly, these chocolates meant much more to me than just a sweet. It showed me that caring and sharing is a part of most children’s personality. We can see this more in India as communities and families are a part of who we are. I for one am certain it is the people of India who will ensure we are always together, sharing and caring for each other. This is bound to create a better nation and world too. Let us always encourage and appreciate this virtue to make a better world for all


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