Helen and Her Journey

I introduce myself as Sona Kumar, a person who retired from the Reserve Bank of India

In order to get rid of depression, I started volunteering for SHARE, an NGO run by Ronnie Screwala.

We used to work for Physically & Mentally Challenged people from poor families. Instead of charging parents, we used to pay them stipends, depending upon the work done by them

I met Helen there 20 years back there and have been in touch with her ever since.

When she was 3 months old she had a high fever resulting in a stroke. Her left arm & leg were paralysed.

Her left arm and left leg are shorter & weaker so she can’t use them properly.

Helen was physically challenged so was married to a poor Mason in Tamilnadu.

Helen gave birth to Evangeline, who was born with a cleft lip.

Over the past 9 years, Evangeline has undergone many surgeries and more will follow. She still can't speak properly and vomits through her nose. She will have to go through major surgery again to correct it. Fortunately, cleft lip surgeries are free.

As Helen's husband's income is not steady, her mother used to pay for Evangeline's fees & recharge Helen's mobile. Unfortunately, her mother died & Helen has no income of her own. Doing household work all alone & looking after her daughter is a big challenge.

Evangeline realised her mother's plight & at the age of 7 started painting to raise funds for her fees.

Following is the breakup of her fees:

School Fee Rs 31,750

Admission Fees Rs 2,500

Uniforms Rs 6,000

Stationery Rs 4,000

Transport Rs 12,100

Total Rs 56,350

Helen holds a BSNL connection 8300725840 which is in the name of S. Vasanthan,

We shall be grateful if you kindly help this Special Child.

Any amount is welcome as each paisa counts.

This Girl is a Great Fighter - let us help her in Her Battle


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